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Welcome to Ahaan Consulting

Ahaan, Sanskrit for ‘sun rise’, is focused on creating a positive change in your workforce so that they can bring the best of their potential… their ‘true’ potential, to work every day.

We believe that each individual has enormous potential that is either undiscovered or is restricted by beliefs and habits of the their own. By exploring and unleashing this potential, individuals can perform to the best of their ability, and in the process be more happy with their work and personal lives.

What We Do

Ahaan Consulting helps organization unlock its Human Potential by making employees aware of their strengths and facilitating their environment to provide them with the right systems and resources to achieve what’s possible.

We do this in one of the 2 ways. One way is to create highly interactive learning modules which are customized to the Learner and focus on Implementation rather than concepts. Another way is to become your HR Strategy Partners by helping you build people processes which enable employees to perform at their highest potential. We also specialize in becoming your outsourced training partner.

How we do it

We help organisations achieve their goals by unlocking value of their biggest asset – Human Capital.

We believe in Converting Learning into Behaviour, using a unique methodology that combines Psychology, Behavioural Studies & Effective Coaching Theories


We use diagnostic tools to research the problem areas and create an action plan.


We immerse ourselves in the unique culture of the organization to understand and customise the plan.


We partner HR teams by giving them 360° support to implement the change process.


We engage with employees, ensuring they feel we are a part of their team and developing planned interventions and follow-ups.

Our Services

We believe in working together with our clients, becoming a part of the organization and make it our common mission
to accomplish the goals together.

Learning & Development

Learning & Development

Partners in your people development goals

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Training Function Outsourcing

Training Function Outsourcing

Your extended team for everything training

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HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing

Implementing people processes that support strategy

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