Anjali Sharma

Anjali Sharma


I am a passionate people development champion. I help companies discover the potential that lies within them by building customized Learning & Development interventions for individuals and through OD Interventions for organizations. I also help build policies and people processes to ensure that learning is cemented.

A Psychology post graduate (Gold Medalist) by education, I am also: Certified Extended DiSC Administrator, Human Processes (Sensitivity) Trainer, certified REBT Therapist and trained to conduct a wide variety of psychometric tests.

In the 10+ years of my career, I have conducted several training workshops to improve / build leadership skills, team work, emotional intelligence, assertiveness, interpersonal relationships, conflict management and personal productivity. I have conducted these solutions both in classroom as well as outbound settings tailoring the offering to the specific needs of the organization. I have worked closely as a trainer with a variety of small & large companies.

I also specialize in providing HR consulting to SMEs. My client companies range from 20 employees to 120 employees. I involve in policy development, HR process development, implementation of policy and processes, developing job descriptions and Implementing Performance Management System.