Ahaan Consulting aims to help small and medium scale business reach the next level of organizational growth by providing inputs in the most important aspect of growth “Its People”. People are the biggest assets of an organization. The effectiveness of every individual member of the team determines the success of the organization. We enable you to drive your business with right Engine on the strategically built road.

We create innovative interventions which are participatory, helps the Organizations imagine future possibility and break that down into specific goals.

We use an appreciative perspective to get everyone on board and drive OD initiatives that are meaningful at an organizational and personal level. We create Transformative Solutions rather than just performing transactional formalities.

Our solutions create lasting shifts in the mindsets of the employees. We create policies that have significant impact on the overall culture and way of working of the Organizations.

Ahaan collaborates and partners with Organizations be it a short term or a one-time project or a long-term intervention that leads to achievement of growth goals.

Ahaan’s Process

Our Theory For Diagnostics

This model helps us determine the areas that require intervention.

Engagement Humdrum – Empowerment Humdrum

The employees will have lowest performance outcomes. The employees would not know what to do or how to achieve their goals and would also not have the motivation or commitment to achieve it.

Engagement Magical – Empowerment Humdrum

These employees will be highly frustrated. They would have commitment and loyalty towards the organization and its goals but will not have the resources, authority or direction to channelize their commitment. This would lead to helplessness and frustrated employees.

Engagement Humdrum – Empowerment Magical

These employees would have the clarity of direction, authority and resources. But would not have commitment towards organization. They would therefore perform in bursts of performance. When they feel appreciated by peers or leaders, their performance will peak else it would slack. There would be no way to predict consistency of performance from these kind of employees.

Engagement Magical – Empowerment Magical

These employees will display sustained high performance thereby helping the organization achieve its established goals for success.

Our Interventions are most useful to address some of the key people challenges

A few success stories

Industry: A Lifestyle Product Company

Challenge: In a 60 people company around the festival time, Management faced difficulty in managing the leaves of the employees.

Task: To set leave rules

The Intervention: Ahaan Consulting created mid management leaders who were empowered to take decisions granting leaves. This led to an increase in a feeling of empowerment of employees as they felt more control over their work. This intervention led to positive feedback which led to subsequent engagement with the Client.

Our Services

Change Management

There is re structurings, new business models, new set of values and competencies, mergers and acquisitions, new leadership team that constantly demand organizations to change and adapt to new situations. Managing the human side of change in all these become more important.

Capability building and skill enhancement

Most of the Indian organizations (since lead by one family/related of decision makers) have high empathy quotient when it comes to firing people. Also, on account of society/government's focus on employment creation, firing employees despite process efficiencies will be very challenging and shall be a less likely event.
Therefore, the HR teams of the organization will be under pressure to re-skill the employees and redeploy them in suitable new jobs. Becoming a learning organization is of paramount importance. Building learning academies and re-skilling frameworks are going to be critical success factors.

Talent Management

Tomorrow's employee will come with more sophisticated skills. And hence will expect enhanced value proposition from the employer. The aspirations of career development and total reward will need to be managed with suitable customization to focus on every resource.

Focus areas are:

  • 1. Executive/CEO Succession – Current Indian organizations do not have robust processes around that. The same is visible in over dependence on blood relations/heirs.
  • 2. Diversity & Inclusion – There is healthy growth seen in women employment in the country. As more and more women join the workforce, their smooth assimilation and journey to the top management will need to be enabled suitably.
  • 3. Leadership Development / HiPO development – Indian organizations (many are learning fast) need to delegate authority and decision-making powers to next in-line leadership. But it must be enabled with suitable interventions in the area of learning and capability developments for these leaders.

Culture Change

At times, we find that the current Organizational culture is not supportive of the strategy and growth plans of the organisation. In this case we help our clients understand the current culture and co create a desired culture framework. We define the mindsets and skills set required for the new way of being and help our clients to incorporate these new mindsets and skill sets keeping the positive core of the organization intact.