With today’s dramatic economic development, outsourcing the training & development function is more valued and appreciated and can benefit the organizations very much.

We strongly believe that learning must drive real development of People and in turn Organisations. Outsourcing the training function is not merely contracting with a training provider to conduct a training program for employees in some areas or subjects, this is not adequate in today’s challenging business environment. The intent to undertake any learning initiative is that, the employees implement the learning to their job, do the tasks more efficiently and improve the performance.

Therefore, keeping this belief in focus we develop the real and implementable programs. Ahaan is known for its innovative customized solutions, unparalleled excellence in delivery / service, commitment towards clients’ success.

We Partner With You In These 2 Ways

Ahaan Consulting becomes an extension of the organization
  • We have a dedicated team working for the organization
  • This team works in complete sync with the organization head for fulfilling their vision
  • The team will be available for critical meetings as required for enhancing the effectiveness of each learning intervention
Addressing the business needs
  • The L&D solutions will be linked to business outcomes
  • We will make the effort to understand each business and its needs before designing a solution
  • The solutions will address employees at all levels

How It Works

Phase 1 : Assessing Training Needs

  • Organizational Level Analysis
  • Operations and Task Analysis
  • Career Path Book
  • Individual Level Analysis and Plans
  • Setting up Outcome parameters for each intervention

Phase 2 : Executing Training

  • Designing of Training Calendars
  • Objective Oriented Interventions
  • Content Development
  • Selection of a trainer
  • Coordinating Logistics
  • Post training feedback

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